Sgt. Pepper's Friends

Sgt. Pepper’s Friends is a non-profit animal rescue organization located in Aruba and founded by the amazing Rachel Brathen. She is also know as @yoga_girl on Instagram and is one of the most influential yoga instructors in the history of social media. Sgt. Pepper's dogs and cats are available for adoption in the United States, Canada, Aruba, the Netherlands, and Sweden as of now. Every country they add to the list requires careful research, but they hope to open up to families in other countries in the future, as well.

The goal of Rachel's foundation is to find the most suitable family for each individual dog or cat. They also promote spaying and neutering programs, plan to build their own shelter, and are working together with other rescues and organizations within and outside of Aruba.

We are very inspired by Sgt. Pepper's Friends and admire their efforts to rescue animals all around the world. On of our founders actually just adopted a rescue dog and as huge animal lovers this foundation is very close to our hearts. We therefore donate 10% of our proceeds to this beautiful organization. 

Adopting a pet is very rewarding and will enrich your life in countless ways. LOVE is a four-legged word!

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