How long do Pure Tatts Last?

Pure Tatts should last about 4-6 days. They will last longer when you apply them to areas that are not rubbed as much. 

How do I apply Pure Tatts?

Pure Tatts are so easy to apply. First, cut out the tattoo from your sheet that you want. Make sure your skin is dry and oil free. Place the tattoo face down in the direction you want it to be on your skin and apply water with a damp towel for about thirty seconds. Make sure you apply a little pressure and wet the entire back of the tattoo. After 30 seconds of applying, slowly peel back the paper. 

Who can wear Pure Tatts?

Anyone! The cool thing about Pure Tatts is that there are absolutely no rules. Express yourselves however you like!

Are they safe for the skin?

Yes! Pure Tatts are safe and non toxic! Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes, or if you are allergic to adhesives.  

Are Pure Tatts Waterproof?

Yes! You can swim, shower, and dance with them in the rain. :)

How do I become an ambassador for Pure Tatts?

We would love for YOU to join the Pure Tatts Team. Click the ambassador link up there!

How do I get Pure Tatts at wholesale pricing for my shop?

We are always looking for cool stores to carry Pure Tatts! Please send us an email if you are interested in becoming a retailer to Jason@puretatts.com.


For all other questions please e-mail: info@puretatts.com

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