How To Rock White Temporary Tattoos At The Beach

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We are so excited as summer is coming up. This is the perfect opportunity to wear temporary tattoos, particularly at the beach. Aren't we always looking for something that truly makes us feel beautiful, unique, and special? 

In collaboration with artists from the entire world, we just launched six new collections of white temporary tattoos. The collections represent different themes, such as 'Good Karma' (representing positive vibes) or 'Dreamer' (representing inspiration). Although the tattoos are white, they will show up nicely and all skin types. Yes, you can be completely pale and the tattoos will still look amazing. They are also really easy to apply (just use water) and will last for a couple of days. 

Pure Tatts will make you stand out and turn your skin into a work of art. Here are some ideas on how to wear our tattoos in sunny locations...






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