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Elephants are such beautiful creatures and we want to dedicate our first blog post towards these amazing animals. We want to share with you some fascinating facts about one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet:

  1. There are three different species: Asian Elephant, African Bush Elephant, and African Forest Elephant
  2. They have the longest pregnancy of all animals with 22 months of conception
  3. Their average lifespan is about 60-80 years
  4. Elephants can get sunburned and protect themselves by throwing sand on their heads and backs
  5. They are either left or right-handed
  6. They eat about 150 KG of vegetation every day 
  7. Their brain has a weight of about 5  kilograms, which is about 3 times more than the average human brain 

To celebrate these beautiful beings, we want to share with you our favorite Pure Tatts elephant images:


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